Yours Truly

Hey there! I'm Denise. And my greatest passion in this life is creating beautiful spaces. From the time I was a little girl, it's who I've been. Who I was created to be. With over 35 years of experience operating home furnishings stores, designing & staging homes, and creating beautiful furnishings, I'm more than ready to tackle your space. 

Whether it's a temporary staging project, giving your furniture a new lease on life, or creating your forever home, my team is here to help bring your dreams to life.

Denise Edenfield

managing director  founder


Tristan Skiles

administrator extraordinaire

Considered by our clients to be organized, creative, responsive, and trustworthy, Tristan, a person of integrity,is a perfectionist and  places a premium value on the production of quality work. In the office and on the job, she keeps everything in perfect order!

Brock Ruebel

the brawn and muscle

Where would we be without this guy. All the vision in the world isn't worth alot if you can't get it done. This guy always shows up full of energy and with the strength and stamina to get the job done! He is awesome with our clients and always a pleasure to work with!

Rich Edenfield

Realtor / Client Relations

We can't say enough good about this guy. Realtor extraordinaire. Always wears a smile. Whether you need to sell or find the perfect home, he's our go to guy. We work as the perfect team to get your home sold quickly and for highest dollar and to locate and create the home of your dreams!